Smartblock Office Pods, Booths & Soundproofed Spaces

Smartblock pods are an innovative and modular office pod system. Built with functionality and mobility in mind, Smartblocks are an asset to any space whether it’s in the office or a public space – even at home! Smartblock pods represent the latest innovation in the personal and multi-occupancy office pod space built with privacy and flexibility in mind.

The essence of Smartblock is its ability to provide a connected and distraction free meeting place or a quiet and focused place to work. Connectivity is important and we pair with the latest in personal conferencing systems which enable screen sharing and a whole host of other collaboration options.

Our office pods are ready for use in minutes, and are easily moved and relocated with their integrated retractable wheels.

Thousands of people use Smartblock Pods every day in offices. We also feature heavily in the education sector as Smartblock pods provide a valuable space for students from all disciplines.

Smartblock Pods are the perfect solution for modern way of working…



Fully Upholstered

Made to last, each Smartblock Pod is hand stitched and fully upholstered to ensure it’ll stand up to a lifetime of use. Each pod goes through strict quality control processes to ensure the quality of the finish.

Smartblock FD bench and branding

Integrated Lighting & AV

Our pods feature integrated lighting, power and AV connectivity on applicable models. This ensures you can adjust each pod to suit your needs and provide visual comfort when reading or studying.

Smartblock FD AV connectors

Made to Last

Smartblock Pods are made with everyday use in mind and we use the best, most hard-wearing materials available. This means your pod is made to last well in the future and provide many hours of continuous use in all kinds of environments, including office and public spaces.

Smartblock FD interior

All the Colours

Each pod can be upholstered in any one of our wonderful, hard-wearing fabrics. If you’re feeling especially creative, choose to combine colours for a truly unique pod! Don’t be afraid to make your pod your own, go wild and choose from a vinyl wrap design or incorporate your branding onto your pod…

Smartblock Fabric Colours 2
Open Plan Offices NEED Pods & Booths to Maintain Productivity


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What are Smartblock Pods?

Watch our short video to be inspired by the many uses of the extremely versatile Smartblock Pod and how it can enhance space for your staff and clients…


For Offices

Maintain your focus at work in busy open-plan offices. Use Smartblock to work smarter without distraction and engage your productivity.

Smartblock Talktime Pod


For Education

A place to focus and meet friends and piers and take advantage of the collaboration features of Smartblock Pods. AV connected units provide a place to share information and get people’s full attention.

Smartblock HA Pod


For Public Spaces

Increase the value of your establishment by easily offering new areas to use and explore using a Smartblock pod. Create a quiet or reading area or a space to use mobile phones without distracting other patrons.

Smartblock FD Pod

Buy a Pod

Buy and own your Smartblock Pod outright - pay the deposit on ordering and the balance upon delivery. It's 100% your pod to do with as you wish.

Lease a Pod

Get Smartblocks in your life without the full financial commitment - lease your pod for a low monthly fee.

Finance a Pod

Defer and spread the cost of your pod - not every business has readily available cash flow, and we now offer a full finance service to help.

Design & Style

Image is everything… to some people; and in that case we can offer a fully bespoke design service for your Smartblock Pod. We offer a wrapping service to enable complex designs to be achieved with ease and can incorporate your branding or company colours.

Just let us know what your goals are or submit some designs and we’ll be happy to take it from there and make your dream pod a reality.

Bespoke Smartblock Pods

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